Going Through It

If you're a business owner, then it is likely that most of your efforts are geared towards surviving and growing your business. You may be performing well but you're in a dispute that needs to be resolved before you can move on. You may be looking at getting out or want to pass on your business. You may be searching for the right way to improve your business or perhaps you're facting some serious financial issues.

Business is difficult. Eddie Senatore works with business owners facing the difficult difficult situations.

These are a real stories about real people. You’re not alone.

Your Stories

Things are not what they seem...

A personal short story about how a client lost everything but came out smelling of roses!

mark mary and annette

Mark, Mary and Annette...

A personal short story about how a client survived the ever-changing retail market.

losing business

Fighting a Losing Business...

A personal short story from a tobacconist and gaming business owner about how empty promises could have ended in disaster.

Builder's Story...

When things aren't going the way you planned in your business, instead of struggling to make sense of it all, it's a good idea to take a step back and seek professional advice

Fire & Hail...

What do you do when you’re faced with disaster? You have a conversation, that’s what you do. A bit of a conversation and some skillful negotiation allowed Jay to get back on his feet again. You have options, reach out www.eddiesenatore.com 


Turning a Passion into Profit...

How Adrian Faccioni, a successful Canberra entrepreneur built a globally successful piece of technoology, only to lose it all and then rebuild.


Riley & Georgia - A Lawyer's Story...

How two lawyers learned the importance of finding the right people in order to grow their business.

Mandy & Simon - Out of Control...

One client's experience of how things can get out of control really quickly.