If you’re a business owner then it is likely that most of your efforts are geared towards surviving and growing your business.

You may be performing well, but you're in a dispute that needs to be resolved before you can move on.

You may be looking at getting out or want to pass on your business. You may be performing well but need to be better, searching for the right way to improve your business. Or perhaps you're facing some serious financial issues.

Understand this, business is difficult.

Eddie Senatore, dealing in the difficult difficult

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Clarifying Roles: Unraveling the Distinction between Directors and Shareholders Image by Freepik Stick in the Mud There is a difference between directors and shareholders. The two are often confused, particularly in SMEs where directors and shareholders are often the same actors. Sometimes however, they are not the same actors

Distinction between Directors and Shareholders

Chaos and Order What a day of contrasts.  In the morning I worked with a business owner, not in control.  He knows his business but not hands on.  He runs his business from a helicopter, employing people instead.  Nothing wrong with this of course, in fact many business owners

Why Good Businesses Sell Themselves

The Depths of Business Ownership Why Are You in Business? This is a slice from a book I am currently reading, Small Giants, Bo Burlingham. “Among other things, the experience forced him to think about why he was in business in the first place, and what he was really

The Depths of Business Ownership

How to Add ValueWhat is Adding ValueProviding value is essential for any company's success, but the phrase is ambiguous. Anyone can be cheaper than their competitor (even if it means trading at a loss!) but providing real value, that’s more difficult, and for all businesses, value in their products

How to Add Value: Defining and Delivering What Your Customers Want

What an idea, a thematic guiding principle for business operations.   The New York Times reports Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, planned to lay off about 10,000 employees, or roughly 13 percent of its workforce, in what the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has called a “year of efficiency.”

Tech Industry Layoffs 2023

Back to Business – Post COVID – Marketing  One of the critical elements in business is sales or marketing efforts leading to sales. I’m often asked by business owners to help them with improving their sales. Whilst marketing is, by and large, mechanical, the sales process or the sale

Logic vs Emotion Brain

If you or your business are facing a difficult situation sometimes the most difficult step to take is the first one.

You can contact me confident that I'll listen without judging, that I've worked with all manner of businesses,

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