If you’re a business owner then it is likely that most of your efforts are geared towards surviving and growing your business.

You may be performing well, but you're in a dispute that needs to be resolved before you can move on.

You may be looking at getting out or want to pass on your business. You may be performing well but need to be better, searching for the right way to improve your business. Or perhaps you're facing some serious financial issues.

Understand this, business is difficult.

Eddie Senatore, dealing in the difficult difficult

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I have previously written about how as a seller, you should know your buyer, in particular, whether they have the money to pay you what your business is worth.  You can read more about this here. I can give you some painful stories about vendor finance.  I recall a

Selling a Business – Case Study

For many small business owners, their business isn't just a source of livelihood; it's the whole retirement plan, often life's work, and a testament to resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.  As business owners, thinking about a future after business or approaching the twilight of  their careers, the decision to sell

Lessons I Have Learnt When Selling a Business

This terrible cycle of provoking and counter-provoking or action and reaction is a sure sign of dispute escalation.  Depending on the nature of the provocation will determine how quickly the dispute escalates.  There is plenty of psychology in disputes, particularly during the escalation process.  I’m not a psychologist, but

Case Study – Dispute Escalation

I was appointed Chair to a school with 1,500 students which was losing $500,000 a year, with a book deficiency to fund teacher entitlements, poor staff morale, and complaints from students, teachers, and parents alike. Board meetings were dysfunctional.  Once a month starting at 7.30 pm complete with wine

Keeping Disputes Under Control – Personal Story

What do you do to resolve a dispute?  Pruitt & Rubin suggest focusing on ‘an objective that is common to both parties and beyond the capability of either party alone’.  The idea here is to open the discussion with a focus on the future.    Presently I have a matter

How to Resolve a Dispute

There is always the potential for a dispute to suddenly erupt seemingly from nowhere.  We know that is simply not the case.  The unease sits below the surface.  There is always a trigger event which sets off a dispute. My first learning is that feelings leading to a dispute develop

The Emerging Conflict – Lessons I have Learnt

If you or your business are facing a difficult situation sometimes the most difficult step to take is the first one.

You can contact me confident that I'll listen without judging, that I've worked with all manner of businesses,

and I have the experience to help you and your business.