what I do

I deal with financially stressed situations and change management.

I believe in equal access to information, obtained through open and transparent processes, ensuring information is understood and free from bias. With this information you can confidently make decisions, so you can strive forward.


Solutions are hard to find particularly if you been working with the problem. You don’t get help for any number of reasons. Whatever your reason you should know literally thousands of businesses fail every year for all sorts of reasons.  You are not alone.  Sadly a number of these businesses could have been saved if the right help was at hand.

You need to find the real problem.


Once the problem has been identified you can solve it.


That’s where I come in. I’ll seek out the problem, solve it, so you can strive forward and thrive.

I’m passionate about getting things right and making sure the right things get done, so you can get on with life. Seek, solve and strive.

I deal with companies of all sizes, sole traders and individuals who are experiencing cashflow or financial difficulties or people who want an independent perspective on their business.

I also provide

  1. Strategic and operational reviews
  2. Financial viability reviews
  3. Balance sheet restructuring
  4. Change Management programs

How I do it – Value Statement

I believe in values, culture and being passionate about making a difference.  I value:

  • honesty and integrity above all else
  • take courageous decisions if it means maintaining our ethical beliefs
  • competent and professional, being diligent and exercising attention to detail
  • I’m empathetic.  I listen.  I understand the severity and am sensitive to your situation.
  • I am creative and look to innovative solutions.
  • Simplicity and efficiency are my key drivers.
  • Clarity –I say it the way it is and do what I say – there are no surprises.

I enjoy what I do, I am energetic and enthusiastic.

I enjoy what I do, I am energetic and enthusiastic.

Let me help

I will speak with you in-confidence.  The initial discussions and meetings are at no charge and without obligation.

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