who am I

I am Eddie Senatore.

I have over 30 years of corporate and personal business experience, including business reconstruction and turnaround management experience. I deal with companies of all sizes, sole traders and individuals who are experiencing cashflow or financial difficulties.

You can see my qualifications and experience by following this link.  


Solutions are hard to find particularly if you been working with the problem. You don’t get help for any number of reasons. Whatever your reason you should know literally thousands of businesses fail every year for all sorts of reasons.  You are not alone.  Sadly a number of these businesses could have been saved if the right help was at hand.  You need to seek out the real problem.


It’s not always about the money, that’s only part of it. Over a hundred years ago you would have been thrown into bankruptcy prison if you went broke; before that you would have had some part of your body severed. Times have changed, so it’s not about feeling embarrassed or feeling like you are a failure, it’s about getting help to solve the problem.


That’s where I come in. I’ll seek out the problem, solve it, so you can strive forward and thrive.

I’m passionate about getting things right and making sure the right things get done, so you can get on with life. Seek, solve and strive.

No Charge

I will speak with you in-confidence.  The initial discussions and meetings are at no charge and without obligation.

Free call me on (02) 6214 6700 to discuss your specific situation.  If you prefer send me an email with your questions and I will help you.


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