Formal Solutions

For Company’s Solutions for companies vary.  It gets complicated very quickly.  This page helps you understand what the technical names mean.  Which option you take will depend on your specific situation.  Call me or send me a question I will explain the specific options in more details and what is likely to apply to your[…]

Recovery & Change

Workouts Workouts occur where business owners recognise issues with its business and take early action to prevent the situation from getting worse.  The key is to get in early, engage with key stakeholders and come to an agreement on how to manage the business.  An independent perspective is critical in this circumstance. Recovery needs time, the earlier[…]

Independent Assessments

We understand the important role a trusted adviser plays in the client/adviser relationship.  Don’t underestimate the value an independent set of eyes and different perspective on your affairs. Like most of us you get so involved and immersed in your affairs on a day to day basis that it is too hard to step back[…]

Finance & Administration

Here are the top four reasons business owners say they failed at their business: Poor strategic management of the business Inadequate cash flow or high cash use Trading losses Poor financial control, including lack of financial and other records If we step back in time, let’s say 3 decades, the reasons cited by business owners[…]