Unscrew the back of a watch. If you’re not handy at pulling things apart and putting them back together again, don’t try this with your watch. The workings of a watch are fascinating, a centre wheel, an outer wheel, a spring, bridge, pallet and balance are just a few of the bits making a watch tick.[…]

30 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

  I found this article 30 Mistakes. The opening paragraph says it all – business owners, entrepreneurs make mistakes that can be avoided. It’s true in my experience. I haven’t seen anyone with a novel way of failing at business. What I like about this article is that in centres around contemporary business and the issues entrepreneurs[…]

11 common reasons businesses go under

Here’s what CBNC says are the 11 common reasons for business failure. # 1 – Running out of cash 50% of businesses fail in the US because they run out of cash. The US is second only to countries – Japan, Korea, Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain. There are any of number of reasons why[…]

Starting Again

  If I told you I’d met someone who has been in business for 30 or more years what would you think? If you think this businessperson has a few lessons to share, you would be right. If you are thinking this person has made plenty and now looking forward to taking it easy, you’re[…]

failure is not an option

The names of those interviewed on business failure have been changed.  Failure is not an option; made famous in Ron Howard’s movie Apollo 13. Failure is a relative term. Perhaps you have spent the best part of your life growing up, being educated and working in an environment where the failure is not an option[…]

better early, never late

As early as 118 BC, the people of Rome approached Magistrate, Lucius Verginius Rufus, to take control of the assets of bancus ruptus citizens. Fast forward to 2002, the collapse of Enron and WorldCom forces the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Then in 2008 the largest US insolvency plays out, the collapse of Lehman Brothers reporting a $4 billion trading loss.[…]

the big job

Construction on ASIO Headquarters, the budget blow out of nearly $173 million and the losses experienced by small business has fuelled debate surrounding the failure of small businesses. Why has this ASIO HQ led to business failure and who is responsible are the obvious questions. In 1992 I wrote a story for the Canberra Times[…]

Did you know?

Thousands of businesses and people struggle with debt every day. And  Most do nothing about it until it’s too late, putting life long assets at risk and losing precious time. Take action Get control.  It’s the best move you will make. This is who I am and what I do. Let me help you I will speak with[…]